Route of Run as One 4m

I just finished the first of the nine races I have to complete before the end of the year to qualify for the ING Marathon 2009. Just another one of my crazy crazy ideas. Not the craziest though … crazier is indeed to try to run most of those nine races before moving up to Amherst in Massachusetts, that is before August.

The race, officially known as Run as One, Thomas G. Labrecque Classic, has the goal to promote awareness on lung cancer, for which the first cause is tobacco smoking as many unfortunately know.
It started at 9am on Central Park’s East Drive near 68th St. The morning start meant me waking up at 6:30 as any other day, but it was very well worth it. We ran along East Drive towards 102nd St. and then crossing the park and continuing on West Drive till 72nd St. where the finish line was.
It was packed. Packed. I’ve never seen so many people running together. It was fun and energizing to follow the crowd, but also a bit tiring having to speed up and down on several occasions because of slower or faster runners. It was my first race and so all those tricks to dodge people and keep pace were new to me. I think I did it pretty well having finished within my goal of average pace of 7’30” a mile: a good training before the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 3rd.