Today I went running … racing the AHA Start! Wall Street Run, an awesome race in downtown Manhattan. It starts across the WTC and runs eastward till Church St, turns south and then loops a couple of times before heading to Battery Park and running along the Esplanade where it finishes few yards south of where it started. But I guess the map is easier to follow.

Route of Wall Street Run (3M)

The day wasn’t great. Or better said, I spent most of the day wondering whether the rain would stop just before the race leaving us a chill and calm evening to run into. It did happen. Despite having rained all day, it stopped few minutes before the gun. There were no corrals this time, and so I started right in front, which meant a too fast start at a pace I can’t keep for 3 miles straight. (I doubt I can keep it for just one mile.) It was very hard to find the right pace having so many people running this fast around me. (To be completely fair, many of those couldn’t keep the pace either, and actually they’re slower than I.) The solution: I hitched a ride. I started running right behind a woman who was at a well-suited pace. And then I crossed the finish line in 20’13”, which I find a pretty good time especially considering I had to put a hold on my training because of graduation and such.
It was a good race. I loved the scenery: running under the skyscrapers of downtown, and then ending and running along the Esplanade. It was simply great. There were so many people looking us running, both suits and tourists. And then the most memorable moment, when I was looking for all my energy left, while running the last mile on the Esplanade a mother with her child were watching us and the child cheerfully commented “Wow! They’re so fast!”. I smiled, wanted to look back to them but had to pay attention on the pavement and to look ahead for the finish line.