Route of the Father's Day Run (5M)

Yesterday I woke up at the crack of dawn and were in the Park before 8am after quite an odyssey with trains switching back and forth between lines. As a New Yorker I’m completely accustomed to it, and as a New Yorker I feel always obliged to complain about it.
The day before yesterday, we had a couple of thunderstorms, but the day after — yesterday — it was still very, very humid. Temperatures were not bad, around 70F, but with humidity around 93% and almost no wind the organizers stressed several times not to push too much.
I never drink during short races, but yesterday I couldn’t keep going and had to stop at a water station around mile 3. I was even told a guy collapsed on the course! Seriously it wasn’t a fun. Obviously not because of the organization — impeccable as always — but because of the impossible weather, which made my run slow and clumpy. I always say that race-miles are shorter than training-miles, but it wasn’t the case this time.
At any rate, I finished the race in the acceptable time of 34:46 and now I’m left with only three more races to qualify for the NYC Marathon 2009! That won’t be my first, as I will race the Hartford Marathon in October. I applied to the lottery but didn’t get in, but I’m still crazy enough to want to run 26.2 miles.

After the race it took quite some time for me, Domenico and Susanne to find each other. 5504 people finished the race, so the Park was quite packed (not that it’s unusual).
We went to have a brunch in the Village, and then strolled around SoHo coping the compulsive impulse of shopping. I bought a couple of things to furnish an apartment I still don’t have, and a cast-iron teapot with cups for my regular tea.