In my adventure to qualify for the insane run, called 2009 NYC Marathon, I raced on Sunday, last weekend. The race was supposed to be on Saturday, but because of a Bon Jovi concert it was moved to Sunday morning.
It started at 8am, which in the hot New York summer is still a late start. For my morning runs I wake up at 6, and it is already hot and humid. I enjoy running, but I don’t enjoy running in a soggy weather; also the blinding white sky makes almost impossible to get up. But I managed, so far.

The finish stretch of the Park to Park Run (10k)

I hoped to make it under 43 minutes, but I didn’t feel like. A bit the warmth, and a bit the Nature-called pause around the mid-mark. I started well, probably a tidbit too fast and then right after the first mile the intense will of stopping at a port-a-potty. The dilemma is between working through it or wasting a minute or so. My running style was getting worse and I simply couldn’t pick up with the other runners; it was pointless to keep on going like that. I stopped losing around one entire minute.
After this unplanned stop, I didn’t manage to gain back the wasted time. I’m not one of those runners, who can switch easily between walk and run. Either I run or I walk, not both. It works good for me, because I tend to train without the need of stopping for a walk or something, but in situations like that I learned that if I lose one minute, I lose one minute. Period.

I finished in 44:35, which is still a pretty good time with an average pace of 7:11. I still think I could have done more.
After the race I went for a brunch in Upper West Side with Will and Cam. We dined in running clothes and enjoyed some very good eggs and French toasts. Will, who’s suffering from shin splints (one of the most common injuries for runners) asked me if I were still injury-free.
He’s not the first to ask. Fortunately — touch on wood — I still haven’t had any injuries. I don’t know if it’s simply pure luck, or that I hadn’t pushed myself much. It’s something that worries me sometimes, I mean to injure myself: it’s not anything dramatic, but it’s a big annoyance since one has to stop running for at the very least a couple of weeks.
So, keep knock on wood!