It’s 9:30am. It’s Sunday. I already had breakfast, I already showered and I don’t know exactly what to do. I guess in few hours I’ll study a bit and do some work, but now I don’t know what to do.
Usually Sundays are for long runs, which I usually run in the morning after a light breakfast and before a real breakfast: those American breakfasts with eggs and bacon are perfect after a long run. But today I’m not running. After the marathon, I knew I have to take some time off and decided it to be of two full weeks of non-running: it will drive me crazy, but I need it.
The nagging pain on my left knee, which took me company for most of the training and for the first 8 miles of the marathon after which it subdued (I don’t know whether it was because my legs were warmed up or because of the beautiful effect of adrenaline and endorphins); that nagging pain is back and now that I don’t have any major race in the near future I do have the time to take care of it (properly) and fix it before breaking it. I scheduled a physical for Friday so to have a doctor look at my knee and I’ll probably ask for a referral to a physical therapist. I would rather run, but again it’s not very wise at the moment.

I’m already planning for the 2010 races, writing post-it on my calendar to remember to sign up for them. I want to run the NYC Half Marathon again, though it’s now a completely different race having been moved from the usual July-August dates to a more reasonable mid-March Sunday. Many must have complained (I did complain too) and this year was more awful than the others with a temperature of 75F at the 7am start: the race is beautiful, the weather not so much.
Then I’ll try to sign up for Chicago 2010, which is usually around October 10th. This should give me plenty of time to properly prepare and train. In the winter there’s not much I can do aside to concentrate on strengthening and stretching.

(I’ll try to write a wrap-up of the NYC Half Marathon …)