I started this blog because I realized my previous one became, over the last couple of years, more and more centered around running and racing, and so I thought to give up that one and started a new one, completely anew.

I am not a professional runner, I’m not even a very fast amateur, but I found important for me to sit down and write about my races and training, as a way to analyze what worked and what didn’t work, in a hope to self-improvement, and, if I have a sort of obligation to do it publicly, I will avoid procrastinating it.

The name is not what one might except for a blog about running or marathoning; it’s neither 26.2 nor 42.195, that is, it’s neither the distance in miles nor in km. Here‘s the reason of the choice of 141μs.

Non prometto di scrivere in italiano. Sembrerà strano, ma non mi viene naturale parlare di running in italiano: le parole, i termini mi vengono istintivamente in inglese, anche il pace è per me naturale darlo in minuti per miglia e non minuti per km come si usa in Europa. Dire che ho corso in 4.2 min/km non mi dice molto, mentre 7 min/mi so cosa è.
Ma ci proverò …