Sunday morning. I should be running, instead I am home watching the snow melting. I have been sidelined because of an injury, word that awfully sounds like ingiuria, that is, insult in Italian.
Injuries are the proverbial elephant in the room: we don’t like to talk about them but there they are, unwanted, silent passengers of our runs. It’s not an exaggeration, it’s known that logging mile after mile every week adds to the possibility of getting injured; obviously the con’s of injuries usually balance the pro’s of a healthy body in general. In the mix of pro’s and con’s, competitive runners (even at amateur level) throw in also training and racing making the more difficult any time off, as it means to passively observe one’s hard-built conditioning going away. Although a bit of deconditioning is always welcome since hard training can not be endured for too many months, when time off becomes forced and the running season seems to run by, it’s hard to remain optimistic.
I have already made some tough decisions: I didn’t run the Jones 10 miler, which marks the beginning of the season in Western Mass, and I had to renounce to the NYC Half-Marathon, for which I am registered but I won’t be there because of both lack of training and a work trip to Dallas.
Hopefully — touching wood and iron — the PRP treatment will solve the tendinopathy I developed in the Achilles, but I won’t know for some time: the follow-up visit with my doctor is scheduled for the end of the month and till then I will work with the physical therapist on moving, stretching and strengthening the muscles and tendons of the ankle. I like this kind of active exercises more than the iontophoresis or ice massages sessions I was doing before: it feels like I am doing something rather than just hope and wait.

The inactivity is driving me nuts, but I finally had the time to read Corto Maltese, una ballata del mar salato, the first graphic novel of a famous series by Italian comic book creator, Hugo Pratt.

Corto Maltese (Hugo Pratt)

Antonio in settimana mi aveva gentilmente chiesto di scrivere un post riguardo il mio infortunio e tutto quello che ho passato in questi quattro mesi dalla prima fisioterapia fino all’iniezione di PRP di settimana scorsa; quindi rimando al suo blog per la versione in italiano.