It rained all day on Sunday. I didn’t feel to go anywhere and furthermore I’m still stuck in a very long recovery from Achilles tendinitis. I discovered Portal and that was a major mistake — it was one of those days.
I checked my twitter feed before calling it a day and going to bed: the news of Sammy Wanjiru’s death was already spreading like wildfire, e.g., Amby Burfoot’s post on his blog at Runner’s World.

At 24, he was already one of the best marathoners of all time. His PR of 2:05:10 looks rather slow in an age of 2:04, but it isn’t when considered those times were run in sub-optimal condition, especially last year Chicago run in an astonishing 2:06:23 at 75ºF (~24ºC); many were giving him as the next world record holder.

Wanjiru, Chicago 2010

Sammy Wanjiru wins the 2010 Chicago Marathon in 2:06:23 - photo credit: Stacey Wescott

Reading the news was shocking, probably because distance runners and marathoners in particular rarely make the news for their excesses, though — truth to be told — Wanjiru made the news a few times in December when he was charged with threatening to kill his wife (and the illegal possession of an AK-47).