A friend and colleague here at UMass often tells me, whenever I take off a tangent and talk way too much about running and racing, that the only reason on Earth he would considering running a sensible activity is if he were being chased; it doesn’t matter by what or whom, he’d run only if his life were to depend on it.
He’s not the first (and won’t be the last) to use the image of run for your life, after all the first thing the Doctor said to Rose was: Run! And the Doctors — capitalized initial is important — are famous (or infamous) to run a hell lot.

So watch this clip of a chase of unclear reason I read about from Writing About Running, one of the (too many) blogs I’m reading, or at least I’ve on the RSS feed. The interesting bit of the car chase is at the 0:35 time-stamp, when the guy escaping the police stops his car and takes off on foot! And what a run: he easily leave the cops behind and effortlessly leaps up a hill and over a fence! Pretty amazing run, I must say.

(By the way, he eventually got caught.)

The image is linked to the video, whose interesting bit is at second 35.