I lived in NYC six years and I have no memories of the Twin Towers.
When I moved, the towers were absent from the skyline already by one year and I never saw them towering in the distance behind the Arch in Washington Sq: a weird experience for someone who went to NYU.

9/11 changed US for better and for worse, and changed NYC even more. Being a New Yorker by adoption, despite not living there anymore, I still feel linked to the City: watching its streets on TV will forever bring up memories, going back to New York will always feel like coming home.
Like many others, I visited Ground Zero; it was the first place I saw in a sultry day of summer 2002. I watched as it was being cleaned up, and I was surprised when I saw the first girders coming out of the dig.

The ruins of Ground Zero are the most striking memory of 9/11, but sadly that’s only what remains of a building. What will always have a place in my mind is the spontaneous tribute on the fences of Trinity Church for those who died and the silent, invisible one for those caught in the subsequent two wars.

A view of the Twin Towers as they were seen from Washington Sq - photo: Veronica DeLallo Erlich