That’s no typo: this week, I’ve really run 7 miles per week, not 17, not 70, just a meager 7 miles. It could be a bit disheartening if compared to my routine one year ago, when a short, quick run was of 7 miles. This is what happens when one has not trained in nine months; hopefully this is just the beginning and I will be rebounding to those mileages of yore. I really, really hope so, but for now I am building everything back from scratch: cardio, muscles, endurance, and speed.

This week I ran three times: the first, I was lazy, it was raining and I preferred to endure 15 minutes of mindless treadmill instead of getting out there and run in the rain, which is weird since I love the rain. The Achilles bugged me a bit, nothing major and no soreness afterward, it could have been the treadmill: I always run poorly on those machines, I feel like I can’t keep the balance. The second time was much better: the weather was nicer and I went outside for an easy 2 miler around campus. I was barely feeling the Achilles (that’s a good thing!).
On Sunday I went for a long run … no, I’m joking. It was an easy 3 miles, the loop I’ve run so many times in the past: up the hill to the Fire Station, north flanking the North Amherst Cemetery, and down along Pine St. It has some hills, it’s a very nice, easy run. Or it used to be. I felt awful; not the Achilles that didn’t give me any problem (just a bit sore immediately after for five, ten minutes), I felt I was running a 20 miler, I was exhausted. I knew the conditioning was gone, but didn’t think it was this bad (though to be honest I have a bit of a cold which might have affected the run).

It’s going to be a long, long way to get back to where I was. Hopefully without hiccups. It’s still too early to know whether the injury is gone — I still jump at signs of minimal discomfort on the Achilles — but I try to stay positive: it’s not easy if you’re a pessimist.

The last race I ran; nine months after, back to running. (Fingers tightly crossed.)