It has been more than a month since I started to get back into normal training levels: the road ahead is still long as I’m averaging a mere 13 miles per week, while my regular base mileage is much closer to 50, but I start feeling more and more confident on my legs and on the Achilles in particular.
The tendon still complains at times, more like an itch than pain, but the more I run, the more I forget about it and enjoy the run. The legs seem to be getting back to their old selves with the mulling of the steps becoming more natural; my breathing is flowing seemingly effortlessly as I fly over the 3 mile runs. Three milers, that were not even considered training material months ago, are now my bread and butter.
I run four times a week as I preferred to take my time to get back, without rushing, without forcing a still healing tendon; the plan is to proceed by saturation, that is, I started with 2 milers every day for one week, the week after one run becomes a 3 miler, the following 2 runs are 3 milers and in four weeks I am running 3 milers every day. To put it simply, I add 1~2 miles each week; the training is highly repetitive but it never bugged me, on the contrary high repetition increases my confidence as it is easier to compare one run with another. At this pace I should be running 20mpw by the end of October, 30mpw by the end of November and so on … I hope.
I don’t time the runs; I keep track of the time I leave the gym or home and of the time I’m back just for keepsake: speed is not important at the moment, as long as my legs are not back to their former strength it makes no sense to do speed-work or to go to the track. I am not sure when I will feel good enough to go back there (I miss the track!) maybe when I will be hitting the 40 miles per week, though by the time I will be there everything will be covered in snow and ice.

Þjóðvegur in Iceland, somewhere going towards Snæfellsnes