It’s the occurrence and recurrence of Nature: uphills followed by downhills followed by yet-another uphill; I don’t know which I like the best, which the least.
September arrived suddenly at the end of a muggy and slow August and it’s already half-way through. August was spent, as all summers should, racing: I pulled two road races, one cross-country, and I was regularly at Northampton Community Gardens for the Noho XC 5k. In between races were track workouts and long runs which sometimes were becoming tempo runs. Training was unplanned; it wasn’t, if I have to say, training at all: I was racing because I love (and hate) racing, and because it kept my mind off the rest of life — it was therapeutic more than working out.
After such disorderly ordered training, the beginning of September seems slow in comparison; running took an almost sudden halt as I had various unrelated commitments and I sadly had to miss two track workouts and this week looks like a repeat of the last.

Not to sit on my hands, I’m planning on running whenever I can: it won’t be planned or organized, but I don’t have any big race coming up and I can take it easy.
Yesterday I signed up for a membership at the local climbing gym, Central Rock: a fortuitous encounter at a coffee-shop brought me back to cramped little shoes and awkward aplomb’s. It’s humbling to recognize all my strength and most of my technique is gone (though the latter is coming back), and to find myself struggling on simple 5.8’s and V0’s. The different sets of muscle climbing and running develop will hopefully integrate nicely; and if not, I like both too much to forego either.