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I rarely care for anniversaries: I barely remember my own birthday and I find weird to party on December 31st. But there are some dates that I hold dear: April 25th, Piazza Fontana … and the day I moved to the US.

il museo/presepe di pentema

La valigia di cartone — photo credits: maudanros

of places long gone and of places discovered



The World Championships in Daegu closed with a new world record in the men 4x100m relay set by Jamaica who, if anyone was still doubting, firmly sits as one of the best nations in the world for sprinting in a way parallel to Kenya in distance running.
It was the only WR set in Daegu but that didn’t mean the World Champs weren’t full of emotions and some controversies: Bolt’s false-start in the final 100m, Robles disqualified for (accidentally) hitting Liu in the 110m hurdles, or the beautiful victory of Jennie Barringer Simpson and the performance of Lauren Fleshman (by the way, read her report of the day leading to the 5,000m final). For me, it was probably the first time I realized I didn’t care about Italian athletes and I was almost in disbelief when the commentators were mentioning some of them, like Antonietta di Martino, bronze in the high jump, or Daniele Meucci, who finished 10th in the final 10,000m, or Ruggero Pertile, whose 8th place in the marathon was the first among Western athletes. True, I was watching it in the US so the focus was on American athletes, and moreover following the sport here made me familiar with American runners while knowing close to nothing about European runners. Still, it was a somewhat weird feeling, mostly because I was naturally unconcerned about Italians medaling or participating in the events. It’s sad but natural: the more I’m living abroad, the more foreign my home-country, Italy, will become — already today I have (mild) culture shocks when back to Milan which and whose people I am recognizing less and less.

Jennie Barringer Simpson winning the 1500m title took everybody by surprise, including herself.

in italiano